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Keep Online Browsing Safe

Keep Online Browsing Safe.

Some things to note: Ixquick has now completely merged to StartPage. DuckDuckGo, remains viable. Others include gibiru, yippy, swisscows, disconnect, lukol, metager, and oscobo. While not a privacy search, alexa allows one to see the exact ranking of a site, globally, as well as its top national ranking. There are extensions for Mozilla and Chromium browsers.

I, personally, will NEVER RECOMMEND ANYTHING BY COMODO! A site had an SSL from these *&#!, so I assumed it was ok to buy. I placed an order, and the fly-by-night was gone. I complained to them, and they told me there's nothing they can do, and don't have any influence of who uses their SSL. So, if a site has a Comodo SSL cert, I won't have anything to do with it, unless I read A LOT of reviews, telling me it's ok. That said, I'll never use their browsers. Before the incident happened, I had tried it, and found it to be utter crap.

I've read bad reviews about SWR Iron, but I found it to be ok. I do tend to use Yandex, but as the page mentions, Google is infamous for it's privacy flaws. Some suggest using "UnChrome." And the problem with Startpage is that it uses Google for its searches, although via proxy, and it does have a "hide me" option.

A note about various Adblock extensions, is that Adblock/Adblock Plus seem to trigger some sites "you have an adblocker on." AdGuard, for many cases, seems to block, and not trigger the issue. I'm not sure about Ublock.

Note that Pale Moon, while a good browser, apparently is behind Firefox, so sometimes, the new/updated addons may not work. Also, some newer pages content may not work as well, either. So, if you want a FireFox alt, then you'll want WaterFox; IceCat seems to have similar issues to Pale Moon.

Self-Destructing Cookies may not be available for all browsers. Remove Cookies is a good option, from the respective browser add-on site (such as for Chromium). I haven't really used Opera, too much. It's ok, and slightly better on Linux. I've found I prefer Mozilla and Chromium based browsers.

I don't use IE or Edge. I tried JonDoFox, and just had all sorts of problems with it. Not recommended, but if you get it to work, more power to you.

Of course, you can always give TOR browser a go.


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