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Here at The All Starr Contractor, we work with a number of Fortune 500, 1000, and other big companies, through our platform partners, providing customer service to these firms.
We provide you with the opportunity to provide customer service support, from your home office, a shared work space, or almost anywhere else that you desire. You are a fully remote, telecommuting worker. Some may be given the opportunity for tech support, or other work, based on availability.
Many such companies have you as a 1099, or independent contractor, or freelancer. This means that various expenses, like medical coverage, is left up to you. Working with us, you have the option to become an employee, and opt-in to medical and other benefits, as offered.
Prior work experience is helpful, but not required. You don't need a high school diploma/GED, or any degree, unless otherwise noted. Training is provided by our clients, so you can handle your job with confidence. These are good opportunities for adults just out of high school, the retired person, looking to earn some extra money, or anyone in between.
With The All Starr Contractor, for our full time workers, you have the opportunity, through our professional relationships, to receive medical coverage. We have the options for group coverage discounts, which are generally cheaper than individual plans. Other benefits may be offered, based upon the nature of your job, and other factors..
With our telecommunications associates, you can get the training you need to get going, and to continue learning.
Because we contract with various Fortune 1000+500 companies, as well as tech, travel, and financial firms, each agents' pay rate varies. Pay rates are up to $12/hr, and pay rates are based on what the firm we contract with offers. Quarterly bonuses may be available, upon performance over the quarter. The companies we contract with do not pay while you are training. After completion of training, you will then begin earning revenue. After an additional 3 months probation, you may opt-in for medical coverage for yourself. Please note that some opportunities may not qualify for you to opt-in for medical coverage. We will remind you of opportunities that don't qualify. You can then decide if you want to enroll in their training, and work for that firm.

You have some flexibility with your work, based on the opportunity. Make your own hours and schedule work around your life, not the other way around.

​Why sit in traffic when you can provide customer support from home? With COVID ongoing, and many businesses closing--globally--you have an opportunity for working remotely.

Replace your commute with quality time with family and friends.

Don't worry about the costs to incorporate (eg, for an LLC). You work with us.

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