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This is a bit more about “the man with the plan,” and to help give you a little more of the “why I’m doing this.”

I’m Eddie Starr, a disabled US Navy Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. I have an Associates in Commercial Arts, as well as certifications/diplomas in design, web design, and video. I also have a certification in Business Administration. I was aboard the USS Essex, stationed in Sasebo, Japan. I arrived at my duty station on September 7, 2001. As you may imagine, on the day of September 11, 2001, was beyond words. As a new enlistee, I didn’t really have duties, per say, and was told I could go out on the base. However, most everything was closed. During that time, I traveled throughout the Pacific, including Australia, Guam, and much of southeast Asia.

The All Starr Contractor contracts with Arise Virtual Solutions, providing stellar services to Fortune 1,000, Fortune 500, and many other companies. We also look to provide that stellar service to our agents. Work can include customer service, technical support, and sales.


NOTE: Arise is a platform for business owners, including freelancers. As such, the platform charges various operations costs. Since you will be interacting with the platform for support, job opportunities, training dates, etc, a link has been provided to their main site. Perhaps you are wanting to freelance through them, instead of working with us. However, when you go through The All Starr Contractor, all costs--from the background check to the monthly platform costs--are covered by us.


We hire students (must be +18, but a GED/HSD usually isn't required), fellow veterans, retirees, at home parents; in short, anyone who wants work. Note that our clients--many Fortune 500 and 1000 companies--won't allow most felonies, and crimes related to finance, to work for their firms, which is beyond our control.

Dot GA domain?

You can read some about the GA domain here.

Not just a script:

Consumer demand constantly changes and we help firms keep up. In providing top rate services, agents are patient, sympathetic, manage stress, work well under pressure, and adapt to inimical situations. While some (international) companies provide scripts, our agents provide solutions!

Are We A Fit?


Positions are malleable, lively, and gratifying, but they’re not designed for everyone. Clients are top-notch in their fields and demand the absolute best for their customers - we deliver! Agents are held to the highest standards in professional work ethic so that our Team can meet client expectations.


Our Agents are mostly autonomous. They build their own schedules around their lifestyles while also meeting their minimum work requirements with little supervision.

Customers contact our clients because they need something. Typically, that need comes with a problem, and the customer expects our Agents to resolve it through positive interaction.

Clients have customer care standards that carry their brands’ reputation nationwide. To professionally meet their standards, all of our Agents must be available for an online training course that lasts about 2-4 hours each weekday. These courses are held during fixed time slots and taught by a live instructor to provide the highest quality instruction.

Our clients understand the impact that our Agents make for their brands. Our Agents must be prepared to start immediately to help meet that growing demand.

Some of what we offer, based on the contract with the client:


- Workman's Comp,

- Medical Coverage,

- And others, case by case.

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