Howdy, web surfer, and seeker of truth, knowledge, and fellowship!

You have found the blog/site of Amos Ministries. We are focused on providing an opportunity to fellowship with people, from around the world, studying the Bible, and offering chances to grow with you.


Our beliefs are growing, as we grow. As we learn from others, moved by The Holy Spirit, with Jesus who strengthens, the word of God, we will continue to grow, and help others to grow.

Help 4 The

As mentioned throughout this blog/site, Amos Ministries passion is the Help4TheNeedy project, outlined on the About Page.

Amos Ministries continues to strive to fulfill God's will, and help out in our community, both during bad times, and during the good times.

We have added sections to provide some basic overviews for taxes and charity giving. We are featuring our first series getaway auctions. Check out our available trips. Some have airfare, and some don't. Please read the postings carefully, to know which is which.

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